Why DNK?

Shanghai DNK New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (DNK) is a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber components for the sports, medical and aviation industry and is part of the DAG Group. It is supplying the market with high quality carbon fiber products since 2009 and is based in Shanghai. With its excellent R&D and manufacturing capabilities based on long years of experience in the industry, DNK is supplying the market with high quality aviation, sports and medical devices products.

Experience And Capacity

We deliver high quality carbon fiber products and services. Currently we have a manufacturing capacity of up to 3000 parts per month. We have more than 8 year’s experience in the sample and serial production of large carbon fiber products batches.

Our customers can benefit from our guaranteed lead time, as we can temporarily store their goods in our warehouses

Economical Perspective

Therefore, our process is already at a very mature level. Compared to other companies in Europe and America, China has advantages in terms of costs. That plays a significant role in very detailed handwork, like the manufacturing of carbon fiber products.

Material Supply

Furthermore, more carbon fiber raw material manufacturers are moving their facilities to Asia, which allows DNK to take advantage of the proximity of other suppliers. We aim to contribute positively to our environment and protect it by using environmentally friendly materials.

Research And Development

Shanghai, with its DNK factory not only offers a very international environment, it as well provides access to excellent universities, research centres and talents, which is a strategical success factor for their organization.


The cosmopolitan city provides an excellent infrastructure to deliver goods fast, save and convenient between suppliers and customers all over the globe. Therefore, our customers benefit from a short lead-time. Furthermore, Shanghai has excellent universities and is and research centres that allow us to recruit exceptional talents further and learn about the latest technological developments.

Trust And Confidence

Establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with satisfied customers is our goal. The basis for this goal is open communication, which prerequisite is mutual trust. We respect the confidential work with our customers and handle their cases with care, secured by NDA agreements.

Valuable Partners And Network

Furthermore, DNK is part of the Composite-Research Network CFK Valley in Germany and foundation member of the network in China. The CFK-Valley was founded more than ten years ago, primarily through the initiative of the Germany-based Airbus group and connects more than 100 selected companies and institutes in the area to technology and carbon fiber. DNK, as an exclusive founding member of the network in China, benefits from technological exchanges and knowledge to develop their processes towards high quality and customer satisfaction continuously.