Quality Assurance


Our people are the most valuable capabilities of our company.


Therefore, we select and continuously train our employees as we firmly believe that strengthening their skills and expertise as well as optimizing their daily work routines holds excellent benefits for the high quality and safety of our products. Furthermore, we cooperate with local universities and experts in the industry to offer the best solutions and innovations to our customers and business partners. That allows us to build the fundamentals of future customer satisfaction

Raw Material Assurance

The quality assurance and right treatment of our raw material are especially important in the manufacturing of carbon fiber products. Therefore, our purchase and material control department is assessing and assuring suitable material for our customer orders in the distinguished industries and applications.


We only buy the materials from verified suppliers and follow strict procedures when purchasing materials:

Design Quality Assurance


In many cases, our OEM and ODM customers provide us with already suitable design requirements. DNK is checking these requirements and is providing feedback on how the customer could even further improve the design, to develop a lightweight but cost-efficient solution.


To assure the stress requirements, DNK is checking and simulating the customer product’s geometry by the help of CAD and CAE tools. That leads up to an optimal model and design for the carbon fiber part production.


Based on the agreed model with the customer, we start the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Process Assurance

After having agreed on the geometry of the product, the manufacturing of the mold will start. We have in-house CNC machines that allow us a highly flexible and efficient production. For our customer, that means that we can provide fast samples and adjust the molds easily.


To manufacture the products as designed, we control the manufacturing process strictly. Especially the work with carbon fiber material requests particular work conditions to produce high-quality products.


Therefore, in our factory, we make use of clean rooms for the carbon fiber layout and keep the products free from oil and fat. Furthermore, the temperatures of the working environment is controlled so that every product will be produced based on the same conditions. Thus, every product in our serial production is as good as the provided samples.


To increase our level of quality continuously, we label and track every product coming out of our manufacturing facilities. That allows us to control better the quality of each product and to align our processes.

Testing machines

We diligently check every manufactured unit by exposing it to a series of quality tests following the EN Standards before shipping it to the customers. The products are tested with our professional and accurate in-house testing equipment.


Every material and the complete units are exposed to a series of quality tests following the EN, EASA, ASTM and FAA standards. We further follow the industry-specific rulesets and best practice for the design, manufacturing and testing of carbon fiber parts.


DNK is testing in random samples to assure that their calculated layout and manufacturing procedure is fulfilling the real-life environment. The company not only can perform statically, the bus as well as cycle tests. Apart from the statically and cycle tests DNK as well is testing the carbon fiber material coupons to verify the material and process parameters and to assure stable product quality.


For more specific material tests, such as flammability and heat release, we work together with local universities and test centers.